DOXA 8.2 J
Passion for music
Musical and willing to work. – The Doxa way

Doxa Model 8.2j is the latest loudspeaker from Doxa.

This is a fullrange loudspeaker with strong bass response down to 21Hz. This loudspeaker will work very well with all amplifiers including low power tube amps. It's an easy load. The voice is full and organic yet fast and detailed at the same time. Model 8.2j is basically a stripped down vercion of it's bigger brother Model 8.2. At close to half the price you still get much of what 8.2 has on offer.

1. Crossover.

As few components in the crossover as possible means less loss of signal. In order to be able to use a simple crossover we need to find the right driver with suiting specs. Together with Seas of Norway we have developed a product that works the ideal way.

2. Phase behaviour.

Ideal phase behaviour is important to get the music right. With our urge to use simple crossover we need to do physical repositioning of the various drivers to get the absolute phase behaviour we want. This is why the speaker looks the way it looks with angels on the woofers and the tweeter on top.

3. Truly efficient cabinet.

We want a rigid, uncoloured and efficient cabinet to get the most out of the laws of physics. Our Model 8.2 J loudspeaker consists really of several cabinets within the cabinet which all work to best support the drivers specs. By this we get a very clean and powerful low end.

4. Component quality

As always there is no way around high quality parts. We use Mundorf capacitors and a special new inductor coil invented by us.

The mentioned points, amongst several more in a list to long to mention, implimentet in our design contributes to:

- Tonality true to natural instruments.
- Full range sound.
- Very easy to drive with grand dynamics.
- A size that fits normal listening environments.

...The sense of being there...

DOXA Model 8.2 J


Multicell organpipe cabinet with quarterwave tune
Seas of Norway bass/mid
ScanSpeak of Denmark tweeter
Mundorf of Germany capacitors
D O X A internal wire

1” soft dome
2*8” coated paper bass/midrange

2 way crossover with simple 1st order Phase linear 6db / octave filter

Frequency response
21-23’000 Hz

4-8 ohm

93.7 db

82*52*29cm (h*d*w) + 20*20*20cm (h*d*w)
Total system height with spikes: 107cm

System weight:
37,5 kg each complete speaker

One connection pair for tweeter box + one connection pair for Bass/Midrange box
Cable to connect Tweeter box to Bass/Midrange box is delivered with the loudspeakers.
The loudspeaker is to be understood as a SingleWire system.

25 Years

30 day Money-back-guarantee

Price: 44.500 nok including 25% Norwegian VAT
( Export: app. 4.000 euros ex. vat / 4.800 usd ex. tax )
The price is for one pair of speakers.

Doxa 8.2 J´s extreme life expectancy,
makes it a truly environmental product.
25 years full warranty
We offer the industries most
extreme warranty.

30 days money back
We offer a 30 day money back
guarantee policy.


44.500,- NOK
DOXA - Dronningensgt 85, 4609 Kristiansand, Norway
+ 47 920 65 774