Musicality redefined
Doxa 61J - recapturing the true atmosphere of great recordings

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler"

- Albert Einstein.

DOXA Model 61J

This is our most affordable amplifier. 40 years of intense search for the absolute best way of designing an amplifier has culminated in the Doxa 61 models. The 61J is the Junior of the 61-range.

Cost effective

We set out to see how cost effective we could assemble a true Model 61 amplifier.
Parts quality in Doxa 61J is similar to that of heritage Doxa. Judging from the thousands of still working 30+years old Doxa amplifiers in the market we feel very confident to offer 25 years warranty.

The range

As you move up in our 61 range of amplifiers you get more of everything. It all depends on your budget. Still it's worth knowing that, by the genious of the circuitry, even the 61 J demands comparasin, not to amplifiers close to it's retail price, but the best amplifiers money can buy. No matter if it's tube, digital etc. you will be hard pressed to find better and more accurate amplifier at ANY price. Customers so far have found that the only way up is within the Doxa range.


As with all Doxa 61 amplifiers the 61J is a singel ended amplifier with Lauvland Class A power supply. We do not use feedback to sweep probelms under the rug.
The openloop bandwith is 1,5MHz. SingelEnded,no feedback and such bandwith is considered impossible today. We are probably the only ones to acheave this to such exstreme extent.


All Doxa amplifiers use two powerful transformers that can deliver up to 1400w.
All Doxa amplifiers can deliver up to 300w each channel. All but the most absurd loudspeakers will be controlled better by a Doxa than any million watt hyper amp.
It's not about how many watts on the output. It all comes down to offer enough power and offer it faster and cleaner than anything else. This is why a Doxa Model 61J will sound more powerful than the typical american super monoblocks of 500w output. We could of course make more power but the sheer quality of sound would suffer due to the need of less ideal transformers. The Doxa Model 61 amplifiers are optimised for max power without sacrificing good sound. Our spesified output power might be a little misleading and in reality it's a bit understated.

True DOXA inventions

All Doxa Model 61 amplifiers represent several important and gamechanging inventions, inventions found only in our products.

We are different!

DOXA Model 61J

Single Ended SolidState circuit

Power Supply:
app. 1000VA

Output Power:
35 watt 8 Ohm

Input Impedance:
10k ohm (Mainly Resistive)

Output Voltage max:
30volt RMS, 220V AC

Less than 5 %

21 kg

43*43*14 cm (w*d*h)

Green Credentials:
Never above 23 watt in idle mode

Handmade with pride, care and skill in Kristiansand – Norway

Lead free silver solder.

25 Years

30 day Money-back-guarantee

Because of Doxa 61J´s extreme life expectancy and the fact that it just runs on 23 watt in idle mode, makes it a truly environmental product.
25 years full warranty
We offer the industries most
extreme warranty.

30 days money back
We offer a 30 day money back
guarantee policy.

29.000,- NOK
DOXA - Dronningensgt 85, 4609 Kristiansand, Norway
+ 47 920 65 774