Sound Philosophy

For us it is all about music.

We are truly passionate about music. As a result everything we do, resolves around music. We want to deliver the finest musical experience that we know of.

We want you to feel the passion and the love for music like we do. We want you to experience the intemacy of a jazz trio. Feel the huge sound of a live rock stadium. We want to fill your listening room with classical musicians. We want to tear down the walls with electronic upbeat music. We want you to get excited about music, and get you as close to the music and the artist as possible.
Move your feet, take your head for a musical head spin, make goosebumps all over your body when you listen to music via Doxa products. Building a nearer relationship between you and your favorite artist is our goal.

Then and only then, do the musical magic begin.

Knut Øystein Lauvland - DOXA Designer
Sound Philosophy

Our understanding of human perception, acoustics and electronics have been combined in a unique blend of technology. Like the legendary instrument makers, we evaluate all our products on the basis of listening tests. Some hi-fi equipment can measure very well, without having natural sound.

Knut Øystein Lauvland - DOXA Designer
Why choose DOXA?

The word "doxa" is of Greek origin, and means a sacred, sublime experience. It refers to the emotional perception of events and reflection on this understanding. "It is our aim that DOXA sound instruments should bring you as close as possible to the music - that DOXA will mean the same to you as it does to us, and as it did to the ancient greek."

Knut Øystein Lauvland - DOXA Designer
Design by Lauvland

DOXA's range of amplifiers and speakers are based on a limited number of components, but these are always of the highest quality. If a circuit with a single transistor performs as well as one using two, we choose the simplest.

Knut Øystein Lauvland - DOXA Designer
DOXA Reference

The ultimate reference for good sound is the human ear. Our products combine superior sound with high reliability and easy operation. The range of pre-amplifiers, power amplifiers and speakers has been developed to give you the same authenticity, musicality and atmosphere that can otherwise only be established directly between musicians and live audiences.

Knut Øystein Lauvland - DOXA Designer
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